ADSL Continued

November 29, 2006

The 4 port switch I ordered from Ebay turned out to be a dud. No problem, the seller refunded me in full.

I found how to configure my 1 port router as a ‘pure’ modem, so my Netgear Cable router ends up providing a single firewall.

The trick is to configure the device in ‘Bridging Mode’, and to use the PPPoE settings on the Netgear box to provide the necessary authentication. My trials and tribulations on this saga are recounted here.

My biggest regret is going with Madasafish as ISP provider. The 5Gb cap they implement is just too small. I really need about 8 or 9. I’m now over the 6 months honeymoon period so the £10.99 a month rate has now jumped to £18. Its still competitive but I’d rather have gone for an all you can eat bundle at a slower speed. Live and Learn.


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