Moving from NTL Part 2

November 29, 2006

The second problem with moving from NTL was that I lost my Cable TV feed. I don’t particularily want to watch lots of pay TV but I do like a good quality wide screen signal. So I decided to go for Freeview.

The downside to this was I had to shell out over £300 for a good quality aerial since I apparently live in a ‘dodgy’ area for Freeview. Well at least thats what the aerial fitter told me. At least my aerial fits inside my loft and I don’t have Jodrell Bank bolted onto the side of my house.

The nice thing is that I can receive digital TV now throughout the house, and I have a cheapo set top box in my lounge and a new flat screen Humax mounted on the wall in the Kitchen.

Having had multi-channel TV from NTL, including movies and sports I can honestly say I don’t miss them. We now have 4 channels each from BBC and ITV, and a further 3 from each of Channel’s 4 and 5. We supplement this with a ‘light’ subscription to LoveFilm which gives us 4 DVD movies a month. This is more than enough for us!


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