Work Hard Play Hard in India

February 19, 2011

Averaging 9 hour working days at present, so all the time saved not commuting is going on work. Taxi leaves hotel at 0930 and leaves office at 1930. Usually get back by about 2000. Hotel breakfast is crap, for lunch there is no option but to eat at the office which is basic at the best so we have to go out at night to get a decent meal – which is invariably curry of some sort, so beer is kind of functional. Everything shuts at 11pm here, 1130pm if you’re lucky so we’ve only got a limited time. So it sounds great but in reality it’s all a bit hectic. There is no Internet access at the office so difficult to keep in touch, although I discovered a Wifi access point by reception on the ground floor today, so I can Skype from there and pick up email – but only on my phone as personal laptops are not allowed in the building. I’m also not allowed to take photos of the office. Today was a working Saturday, started pairing with the developers and feel like I’m starting to contribute now, which is a good feeling. I’ve spent the last week trying to understand what they’re trying to build, and assess how best to help. We’re trying to introduce a way of working called Agile which basically gets people to communicate, contribute as part of a team and take ownership of the issues that arise. So far it seems to be helping, but there is a huge amount of work still to do and not much time to do it in.


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