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SSD Tweaking

May 15, 2012

Summary of tweaks I’ve made so far. Note that there are two sorts of tweaks out there on the net depending on your objective. One is to reduce the amount of I/O to the SSD to prolong it’s life, others are necessary to prevent the kind of system freezes and lock ups I’ve been experiencing.

  1. Turned off anti-virus
  2. Turned off Windows Defender
  3. Turned off Shadow Copies/System Restore
  4. Disabled a whole pile of junk that starts up within Windows using msconfig
  5. Turned off System page file
  6. Disabled Superfetch and Prefetch
  7. Disabled both Scheduled Defrag and the one that runs at boot time, plus some other stuff described here

So far the system is running OK. I’m really only using my laptop now for:

  1. Browsing – using Google Chrome
  2. Reading Acrobat and Office docs
  3. Taking notes using OneNote
  4. Drawing diagrams using Visio

SSD Upgrade

May 14, 2012

In order to breathe new life into my ageing Toshiba Portege R400 I recently purchased an KingSpec KSD-CF18.6-128MJ SSD drive.

To migrate I booted Ubuntu from a USB stick and did a bit copy from my old drive to the SSD using the dd command. This didn’t really work – I could boot into Recovery mode but not Vista itself (it said my System partition was corrupt).

So I booted from my old HD and did a full Windows backup to a USB drive, booted from the SSD and from Recovery and did a full system restore. I was then able to boot into Vista from my SSD.

I’m getting an occasional system freeze but otherwise enjoying the extra disk space and performance. I am researching various suggested SSD tweaks but as my laptop is old I’m only interested in performance gains, not extending the life of the drive.