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Structured Blogging

May 19, 2006

So I'm new to Blogging. I'm a little bit old school in that I tend to scribble thoughts in a log book so that I can rein in what has been described as a 'Grasshopper Mind'. Yesterday I downloaded a podcast which discussed microformats and listened to it on my antique Create Zen jukebox. What appealed to me about that podcast was a real world example of ordinary people dealing with a common need for adding semantic structure in addition to the primary purpose of conveying information to human beings. The example was of a guy who received a Soccer fixture list in a PDF format – and then was forced to manually retype the information into his own schedule or calendar. This struck a chord with me. Especially when one of the contributors said he'd rather spend an hour writing code to do something rather than spend 20 minutes typing stuff in by hand.

So what I expect structured blogging to do is to make it easier for the blogger to add the required semantics as the entry is added to the blog. So for example if I'm adding a date and time which correspond to an event, and the tool I'm using makes it easier or as easy for me to enter this with the semantics then it will make it simple for a reader to extract the relevant information automatically without having to manually cut and paste. There are other ways in which tools could interpret this data, with potential for on the fly mashups of information applied by a suitable tool.