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Follow Me Printing on OSX

October 14, 2014

How I learned how to print to the corporate Windows based Follow Me print solution from my Mac.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.40.44Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.49.26

To do this, you first need to modify the Add Printer dialogue so it shows the ‘Advanced’ button. Bring up the System Preferences dialogue, Printer and Scanners then click on the ‘+’ in the bottom left of the window (I’m using OSX 10.9.5). The trick is to then control/click or right/click (or two finger click) on the icon bar so that the option to ‘drag your favourite items into the toolbar’ appears. Drag the ‘Advanced’ icon onto the original dialogue box (I also took the opportunity to hide the Fax icon whilst I was there).

Next click on the new Advanced icon, then select ‘Windows printer via spoolss’. Under URL I entered my FollowMe printer URL (in my case ‘smb://tuwigmps01/TUI_PRINTERS’. Select either the Generic PCL or PostScript printer, and click on the Add button in the bottom right.

A number of ‘setting up’ dialogues then appear, including the option to authenticate. This is your opportunity to log in using your corporate credentials, including the Windows domain controller – so that the printer knows who you are. Assuming you’ve previously created a printer PIN or associated it with your security pass etc. you should be good to go.

Update: if you change your domain password, use the Keychain Manager to update the password for the printer device. You might find some jobs remain in the state ‘Hold of Authentication’ if so you might have to delete these and resubmit them.