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SSD Tweaking

May 15, 2012

Summary of tweaks I’ve made so far. Note that there are two sorts of tweaks out there on the net depending on your objective. One is to reduce the amount of I/O to the SSD to prolong it’s life, others are necessary to prevent the kind of system freezes and lock ups I’ve been experiencing.

  1. Turned off anti-virus
  2. Turned off Windows Defender
  3. Turned off Shadow Copies/System Restore
  4. Disabled a whole pile of junk that starts up within Windows using msconfig
  5. Turned off System page file
  6. Disabled Superfetch and Prefetch
  7. Disabled both Scheduled Defrag and the one that runs at boot time, plus some other stuff described here

So far the system is running OK. I’m really only using my laptop now for:

  1. Browsing – using Google Chrome
  2. Reading Acrobat and Office docs
  3. Taking notes using OneNote
  4. Drawing diagrams using Visio